3D Floor Plan

​Praxis Studio has several years of design expertise of 3D floor plans for hotels, builders, real estate agents, architects, and property owners to guide about their floor plans to clients.

Floor Plan Rendering

Our 3D floor plan services, everything can be viewed on the screen first and if it suits better and satisfies the customer then, it will take place to work further. There remains no chance of conflicts between builder, designer, and clients.​

floor plan 3.jpg
First floor.png

How We Help?

The real estate business, the 3D floor plan has the ability to come out with new ideas for sales promotion. Through the usage of smart technology, they can engage with customers with informative and interactive site details. Through the same services, they can launch a creative marketing campaign.​

BS SC Bldg 5 10.22_edited.jpg

Final Clearance

If Your project requires bold and dynamic pictures then, upgrading the technology and switching to the 3D floor plan services can be the better fit for your business.

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