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About 3D Praxis Studio

We are rendering company, pride in offering quality services which in most cases is the number one requirement from our clients. These quality services that have a personal creativity make us stand out from our competitors. Other than quality, we focus on providing services that are pocket friendly so that everyone across the world will be able to afford them without thinking and looking elsewhere.

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Meet the Team

Our expertise in 3D visuals speaks for itself what kind of brand we stand for that our clients can trust and be led with it. With our brand standing for creativity and quality.


So here is our very easy three-step process that makes you happy and satisfied output…

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"By trusting our brand and conducting business with us will help our clients realize one important thing; the ability to save their money and time in exchange for quality products and services."

we always stick to our commitment when it comes to our work. We always deliver work as per the timeline with best quality work.

  • We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.

  • You have out commitment that we will make full efforts and all potential to make your project live and photorealistic effects.


We are focused in delivering perfect, realistic and cost effective services such as stunning photo realistic images and videos and communication applications. For us, architecture rendering is not just a profession but a lifestyle from which we passionately carry out our services.

The drive for our products and services is accelerated by the freedom for creative work and the passion to create good software that will be appealing to our clients. This helps to make a better world with imagination to creative and beautiful works.

Create your dream  Visualization.
Tell us about your project today.

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