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How to get free time from Architect’s busy work schedule?

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Through these steps, an architect can optimize workflow with some time management skills:

1. Architects can tweak renderings or launch them from scratch through Photoshop. Very much renowned 3D Architectural Visualization composers today depend heavily on Photoshop and hence are able to customize gross masses in 3D programs as its initial point. In short, this software is an architect’s best mate.

2. Look at your workflow. Is it destructive or non-destructive? Take a deep look at the steps of your assigned project, your working software should be non-destructive to keep you headache-free, saves time, and with no fear to lose your work.

Maintain flexibility level by using masks and adjustment layers. Lessen the layers palette for trial and error purposes and record the observations of how specific things interact. Carve incomparable layers by masking and execute fixation to fields of the image.

3. Organize your data to avoid messiness in your life like proper naming to the group layers and well duplicate layers.

4. Make smart use of smart objects. To avoid loss in quality, images can be scaled down or up by using smart objects. The great feature they contain is that they automatically save the feature of Free Transform applied earlier and then can be available for later use.

5. There is always a requirement for quality delivery in a shorter interval of time; for this purpose, the use of 3D-walkthrough can be highly productive and time-saver for the developer too and they can merchandise their projects expeditiously, ruling to higher profits.

6. Use of hotkeys can have a significant effect on workflow speed. Train yourself enough to make rapid access to other features. Few examples are:

7. While thinking of applying filters to larger size images it requires intense work. So here you can make it easy to go by applying the filter to the smaller portion of the image as a test.

8. With the mission to guard the color consistency of various images of the same assigned project, use the Match Color command to actually avoid any time-wasting issue.

Open the two images let one say the “source image” and the other one “target image”, then go to adjustments and select the Match color command; further then you can also be able to adjust the color intensity, fadedness, and luminance.

9. Being a professional architect, it is routine to send your samples and show your work to clients. Keep in mind that to lose your work is also mismanagement in time.

To avoid these kinds of issues, encrypt your files with a password, save them in PDF format and secure it from any client’s misuse.

If you would like to see our sample work and then decide, write to us or give us a call at 91-98982- 62517. Visit our website to know more about our architectural rendering services.


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